Palm Breeze Chem-Dry is not your ordinary carpet cleaner.  With our famous process and products we bring a deeper, healthier and drier clean to your home. Our exclusive technique employs the power of carbonating bubbles to make your carpets like new again, a brand new method pioneered by Palm Breeze Chem-Dry.

Carbonation has natural “lifting” properties which bring the bubbles right to the top.  I’m sure you’ve witnessed this when you’ve poured a carbonated drink into a glass. With this knowledge, Palm Breeze Chem-Dry has created a carbonated solution that gets deep into your carpet fibers and explodes the dirt, bringing it up to the surface so we can extract it out.The carbonated method blasts these unwanted particles to the top level of your carpet, where they are safely extracted using our patented hot water extraction. Our impressive solution makes it possible for all of the dirt and grime to be removed from your carpet entirely. This offers you the most satisfying and thorough process out there.

Steam cleaners, on the other hand, use gallons of water and high pressure to clean your carpets. This cleaning option will force dirt and moisture into your carpet – rather than lifting it out- causing a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and bacteria. The clean simply won’t last. When you choose a steam cleaner you can expect that carpets won’t be dry for days due to all that extra water. A fraction of the water is used by Palm Breeze Chem-Dry. This will allow your carpets to dry within just a few hours! In the time it would take for your carpets to dry once following a steam clean, they could have dried 24 times following a Palm Breeze Chem-Dry clean. Once you experience comfort done the Palm Breeze Chem-Dry way you’ll never go back.

We are proud to offer you these amazing services at a price that will fit with your budget. Give your carpets a second chance by calling us today!

About Palm Breeze Chem-Dry

Palm Breeze Chem-Dry is a family owned and operated local business serving Palm Beach County, Florida. Palm Breeze ChemDry is a dedicated team of floor cleaning specialist licensed and certified by the state of Florida to take care of all your Carpet, Upholstery, Tile, Stone, Grout and Concrete cleaning needs. We use only the best All-Natural safe cleaning compounds Green Certified™ and NRDC approved. Unlike our competitors whom take up to 24 hours to dry your carpet Palm Breeze ChemDry Guarantees a Clean, Dry carpet in 2 hours or less! We take pride in being the best in what we do so why wait? Call us for a free estimate! 561-906-4060 or e-mail us with ANY questions:
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